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CCBA/CBAP Exam Preparation

E-learning Not Available
Full Time

The Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA®) and the Certified Business Analysis Professional™ (CBAP®) designation is increasingly recognized as the benchmark for personnel in a business analysis role. If you are preparing for the CCBA® or CBAP® examination, you should attend our intense preparation course.  

This 4-day course is an intense, in-depth “crash” review of the Business Analysis Body of Knowledge (BABOK®) v2 meant to augment your practical knowledge and experience and prepare you to write CBAP® exam with full confidence. This 4-day CCBA/CBAP® Prep course not only covers the tasks and techniques from each knowledge area of the BABOK® but also provides practical experience writing the exam with almost 300 questions completed during the 4 days. 

Note: There is homework that participants will be expected to complete on their own time before the end of the course.   


Participants will gain practical skills to:  

  • Align your own skills and experience with the CCBA/CBAP® application requirements to produce a complete and accurate application package.  
  • Articulate the principles, activities, tasks and techniques described in the six knowledge areas within the BABOK®.  
  • Discuss the structure of the BABOK®; and apply tasks and techniques from all 6 knowledge areas to business scenarios.  
  • Assess your ability to pass the CCBA/ CBAP® exam based on completed practice question.  
  • Demonstrate understanding of where you should focus your independent study (by analysing which knowledge areas the learner was not proficient in when writing the sample tests).  


The CCBA/CBAP® Preparation course is appropriate for individuals: 

  • Who are preparing to write the CCBA/ CBAP® examination within the next 6 months  
  • Who are looking for intense, in-depth “crash” review of the BABOK® to augment their practical knowledge and experience to write the CCBA/CBAP® exam 
  • Who must meet the IIBA®’s application requirements to sit for the CCBA/ CBAP® exam including work experience, areas of expertise, education and professional development, and references.  


  • Individuals must satisfy all the CCBA/ CBAP® registration requirements including education, work experience, expertise in the knowledge areas and references. 
  • Individuals must review the BABOK® prior to class starting as some of the exercises assume prior knowledge of the BABOK®. 


You will receive a course binder and all other materials such as preparation guides. 


Participants will be prepared to take the CCBA/CBAP® exam. 


  1. Introduction 
  2. Underlying Competencies 
  3. Techniques 
  4. Planning and Monitoring Knowledge 
  5. Management and Communication 
  6. Enterprise Analysis Knowledge 
  7. Requirement Elicitation Knowledge 
  8. Requirement Analysis Knowledge 
  9. Solution Selection and Validation 
  10. Practice Exam and Self-evaluation  
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