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COBIT Implementation

E-learning Not Available
Full Time

The COBIT® 5 Implementation course is a two-day, case studies and exercises, interactive, and classroom-based learning that help participants understand the tools and techniques for implementing COBIT® 5. 

The course extends participants knowledge at the foundation level, by introducing a seven-phase approach for implementing COBIT® 5 in an organization. 

This course is delivered through our partner, an accredited training organization with APMG International, UK/USA to administer COBIT education and certifications. An Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) recognized instructor will facilitate the sessions.  


At the end of this course, participants will gain competencies in: 

    • How COBIT® 5 enables IT to be governed and managed in a holistic manner for the entire enterprise. 
    • Implementing IT governance, utilizing tools, publications and approaches identified in the COBIT® 5 family of products.
    • Utilizing a case study to: 
      • Understand the COBIT5 implementation model. 
      • Apply knowledge of the COBIT ® 5 Foundation Course in a scenario format. 
      • Gain an appreciation for the utility and applicability of the various tools and techniques and how they can be used in your organization.
    • Analyzing enterprise drivers. 
    • Applying implementation challenges, their root causes and success factors. 
    • Assessing current process capability (As Is).
    • Determining target process capability (To Be). 
    • Scoping and planning improvements. 
    • Considering practical implementation factors. 
    • Identifying and avoiding potential pitfalls. 
    • Leveraging the latest good practices. 
    • Applying the COBIT 5 continual improvement lifecycle approach to maintain a sustainable approach to governing and managing enterprise IT as “normal business practice”. 

  • Business managers and C-Level Executives and Board Members who wish to understand their role in entrenching IT Management and Governance good practices.  
  • IT/IS and Internal Auditors who would like to gain a better understanding of COBIT® 5 as a basis for their IT Assurance responsibilities. 
  • IT/IS Management consultants and IT governance professionals who want to learn about the benefits for their organization, obtain Foundation-level knowledge of COBIT® 5 and earn COBIT® 5 Foundation Certification. 


Participants must hold COBIT® 5 Foundation to write the COBIT® 5 Implementation Exam. 

Participants receive: 

  • Copy of the classroom presentation material. 
  • Case study and workbook. 
  • COBIT ® 5 laminate – provides quick reference to key COBIT® 5 concepts and contents, and useful resource for the COBIT® 5 Foundation examination. 

  • The exam is an open-book format, with 80 scenario based multiple-choice questions. Exam duration is 150 mins and pass score is 50%. 

Exam is open book, as ONLY COBIT® 5 Implementation Course Binder will be allowed during the exam. 

  • Introductions; 
  • Module 1 : Positioning GEIT;  
  • Module 2: Implementation –Getting Started; 
  • Module 3: Phase 1 – Initiate the Program (IP); 
  • Module 4: Phases 2 & 3 – Define Problems and opportunities (DP); 
  • Module 5: Phases 4 & 5 – Plan and Execute; 
  • Module 6: Phases 6 & 7 – Realize the Benefits;  
  • Wrap up;  
  • Exam review and test exam. 
  • COBIT 5 Implementation Exam.