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Leading on Purpose: The Art of Facilitative Leadership

E-learning Not Available
Full Time

Managers are vanguards of change because they are the focal point for introducing new ideas, new products, and new services into the environment. Vanguards being the first in essentially function as lightning rods for the natural resistance to change hardwired into our humanity. Effective change management skills are the hallmark of the highly effective manager, regardless of industry, country, or culture.  

The common denominator in this natural resistance to change is people who resist for a number of reasons—because they don’t understand, they don’t agree, or they possibly don’t care. Transforming this resistance into a supportive mindset without resorting to positional power is the simple definition of facilitative leadership. When your team or stakeholder group agrees to be advocates for your leadership and your vision, you have a much greater chance to optimize the expected outcomes for all stakeholders. The operative words in the preceding sentence are “all stakeholders.” Facilitative leadership is predicated on the belief that getting results at the expense of the team’s mental and emotional wellbeing is not an acceptable way to lead. 

This 1-day workshop will provide you with insight, tools, and techniques on how to build this commitment and collaborative capital for which every organization is hungry. 


This workshop will enable participants to know:  

    • How the complexity of being human plays a significant role in effective leadership and simple strategies for treating leadership more as a decision and less of a position. 
    • How evolution has hardwired our brains to think on autopilot, using mindsets we often don’t know about to make decisions we don’t control. 
    • Techniques and tools for transforming resistance into advocacy by learning how to assess the key elements that drive peak performance both in yourself and your stakeholders. 
    • Key facilitation knowledge and skills that provide the foundation for sustaining key success elements for teams—trust, leverage, and growth. 
    • How to transform your team by helping it learn to think and lead on purpose and create the mindset that there is no problem or adversity it cannot solve.
    • How to use the TEAM approach to help others integrate facilitation principles into their leadership philosophy. 
    • An approach to assessing your current leadership legacy and, more important, building a blueprint for your leadership legacy in the future. 


This course is targeted at those in a leadership position and those who aspire to leadership positions. 

There is no prerequisite for this course. It functions as a stand-alone course. 

You will receive a course binder containing copies of presentation slides and handouts. 

  1. Introduction and Context; 
  2. Acknowledge Leadership Reality;  
  3. Mobilize Around a Five-step Process;  
  4. Your Leadership Legacy Tells the Story;
  5. Making leading on Purpose (LOP) a TEAM Game; 
  6. Next steps/Wrap Up/Mock. 
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