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Strategic Leadership & Execution – How Leaders Get things Done

E-learning Not Available
Full Time

Dynamic and innovative organizations require leaders at all levels who can think strategically, anticipate issues, solve problems, and make decisions based on new and emerging information while keeping the long-term vision in mind. 

Our 5-day Strategic Leadership & Execution training course is designed for directors and top management staff and is an excellent management development programme for executives from any function. This course demonstrates the best strategies for effective implementation of critical work goals. 

Learn the keys to implement your project, team, and individual tasks for maximum efficiency – even before the project begins. Understand the direction you and your coworkers need to take, establish priorities to drive success, and build plans to produce actionable outcomes. Discover how the motivation of yourself and others to become engaged and accountable for the processes and the execution of tasks which lead to clear, measurable results. Make all these progress by taking our 5-day course: Strategic Leadership & Execution- How Leaders Get things Done. 


Upon successful completion of this course, participants will increase their knowledge and ability to: 

    • Implement and execute your initiative, team, and individual tasks; 
    • Establish the priorities that will drive success;
    • Build plans that produce actionable outcomes;
    • Motivate themselves and others to be enthused and engaged; 
    • Define strategic, systems, creative, and critical thinking;
    • Identify organizational and individual barriers to strategic thinking; 
    • Apply strategic thinking tools to an important current issue. 


Members of project teams.
Organization change agents.
Special task force members.
High-level individual contributors.
Leaders, project managers, team members, and individual contributors whose work has an impact on the organization’s future. 

There is no prerequisite for this course. It functions as a stand-alone course. 

Each participant will receive a course binder containing copies of presentation slides, case studies, exercises, and suggested solutions. 

Participants will attempt and pass the end of course test to receive a certificate of completion. 

  1. Introduction and Overview; 
  2. Strategic Thinking Process Model; 
  3. Strategies for Execution: Direction; 
  4. Strategies for Execution: Priorities; 
  5. Strategies for Execution: Planning; 
  6. Strategies for Execution: Engagement;
  7. Strategies for Execution: Execution; 
  8. Strategies for Execution: Accountability; 
  9. Strategies for Execution: Getting It Done! 
  10. Wrap Up/Exam/Close.