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CIO Forum, Nairobi, Kenya 2024 – (Transformative Technologies for CIO Success)

Full Time


Event Description:
Techfluence is a half-day forum that will bring together CIOs, IT leaders, and business decision-makers to discuss the latest transformative technologies that are shaping the IT landscape. The event will feature keynote speakers, panel discussions, on a variety of topics, like; Emerging Trends in IT, CIO Success Stories and Challenges, IT and Cybersecurity, The need for a CIO University
Purpose of the event:
This event transcends simply supporting IT leaders; it aims to ignite their growth and equip them to become transformative forces in the Kenyan and East African tech landscape. It goes beyond knowledge sharing, fostering collaboration, peer-to-peer learning, and the exchange of impactful insights tailored to the region’s unique challenges and opportunities.
The event will kick off with registration and networking, allowing attendees to connect and engage with one another. A provided lunch will follow, offering further networking opportunities.
Opening remark will set the tone for the event, leading into a keynote speech by prominent speakers, with topics like emerging trends in IT, CIOs’ success stories and challenges, as well as presentations on IT and cybersecurity programs, The importance of a CIO University will be explored, Understanding the Role of a CIO, Identifying the Skills and Competencies of a Future CIO, Bridging the Gap, Developing Business and Leadership Skills, Building a Learning and Development Framework, Collaboration with External Resources, Continuous Learning and Adaptability, Success Stories and Case Studies.


When: March 13, 2024 UTC +03:00, Nairobi

Location: In-Person

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