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Modern Requirements

Automate your process, manage your requirements, and increase your value flow at every step of the project lifecycle.

Modern Requirement
ABOUT Modern Requirement

About the Software


Automate your entire contract lifecycle while ensuring it complies with the corporate standards with a digital repository, clause library, and configurable business rules engine


Modern Requirements can drive interaction between users, including the ability to review, approve, provide electronic signatures, and receive notification of other users’ activity within the software.


Modern Requirements4DevOps connects to different third-party applications or continuously integrates data with Azure DevOps and Team foundation server

Ensure Your Industry Needs are Met.

Modern Requirements4DevOps is built in collaboration with leaders across different industries to solve real-world requirements management issues. Easily define and mitigate risks and hazards, manage reviews and approvals, incorporate evolving regulatory compliance and industry standards, compliance reporting, and produce detailed data for potential audits. Drastically reduce the overall time and save money with our requirements management tool

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Modern Requirements 4 DevOps Core

Automate Your Process & Drive Real Business Value

Modern Requirements4DevOps will help centralise your requirements management process through every step of the project lifecycle for teams of all sizes working across all methodologies.

Modern Requirements 4 DevOps Core

Reduce UAT Efforts

50% Reduction in User Acceptance Testing efforts

Streamline Approval

Significant reduction in approval delays

Improve productivity

50% requirements productivity improvement

Save Time

80% time saving on creating Trace Analysis

Improve efficiency

10-fold reduction in development rework

Simplify Compliance

40% Reduction in compliance reporting efforts