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What is ITIL 4? Concepts and Summary Processes


What is ITIL 4

You can’t talk about IT management and not talk about the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) framework. ITIL has become central to the operations of IT service management, helping companies in various industries cost-effectively deliver quality services. 

The ITIL framework is a collection of best practices to ensure the delivery of optimal IT services. The framework standardizes the IT service process from planning to selection, delivery, and support of IT services to increase efficiency and maintain service standards. 

Over the years, there have been several iterations of the ITIL framework. The culmination of the upgrades is the ITIL 4 framework, released in February 2019.

What is ITIL 4?

ITIL 4 is an agile framework for organizing and managing IT services in the digital era. With an increased focus on cost, outcomes, risk, and value, ITIL 4 provides a digital and all-inclusive operating model that enables organizations to deliver value with their products and services. It also helps organizations and businesses to properly align their digital, human, and physical resources.

Additionally, it can improve customer service and quality, reduce service disruption, promote collaboration, improve monitoring, and adapt to industry standards. ITIL 4 builds on previous ITIL versions, leveraging established ITSM practices related to customer experience and value streams. It also makes it easy for organizations to adopt new ways of working like Agile, DevOps and Lean, to create value for customers.

ITIL 4 vs ITIL 3


ITIL 4 builds on ITIL V3 to accommodate the changing industry landscape and the greater weight teamwork and communication now command as part of the corporate culture. There are several differences worth considering between ITIL 3 and ITIL 4. Here are a few of the most important ones

  1. Processes: ITIL 3 has 26 processes while ITIL 4 offers 34 practices
  2. Best practices: Unlike ITIL 3, the new ITIL framework has additional best practices, including a renewed focus on integration.
  3. Guiding principles: ITIL 4 has universal recommendations to guide organizations e.g. ‘begin where you are”. These weren’t included in the initial ITIL 3 documents. 
  4. Dimensions: Whereas ITIL 3 addresses service management from a systems approach, ITIL 4 defines four dimensions namely Organizations and people, Information and Technology, Partners and suppliers, and Value streams and processes.
  5. Design: ITIL 4 is more customizable and can easily be integrated with  Agile, Lean, and DevOps to increase company-wide collaboration and reduce silos. ITIL 3 takes a less holistic view of IT. 
  6. Focus: Unlike ITIL 3, the new framework focuses more on the concepts of costs, outcomes, risks, and value. 

Benefits of the New Framework for Organizations

Any organization can incorporate the new ITIL framework into its business structure. They  can and should do so to enjoy the following benefits;

  1. Time-saving: Building your best practices and processes personally is time-consuming. By embracing the guiding principles and processes of ITIL v4, you can achieve this faster.  
  2. Stronger alignment  and collaboration between IT and the rest of the organization
  3. Clearer expectations from all parties.
  4. Lower costs 
  5. Eliminate redundant processes and improve resource utilization
  6. Increased asset visibility. 
  7. Improved risk management and value delivery.
  8. Better service level and testing

Benefits of ITIL 4 Certifications

As an individual, getting ITIL 4 certification will equip you with the tools and techniques you need to be more effective and efficient at your work. Since this is an industry-relevant framework, it will make you a valuable resource when it comes to ITIL. What’s also interesting is that the ITIL 4 certification process is simpler compared to ITIL 3

Additionally, it will

  • Increase your ability to deliver value to your customers
  • Improve your current work practices making you more efficient at managing risks and allocating resources.
  • Boost your career prospects by having a globally-recognized and relevant qualification on your CV.

Get Certified

An ITIL certification is something you will find useful. For a chance to get trained by experts with international acclaim, enrol for the Procept Africa ITIL 4 training. Need more information? Contact

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